Boathouse on Diablo Lake, Photo by Seattle City Light/K. Kennedy
Seattle City Light LARRY WEIS, General Manager and CEO
Renewable energy
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City Light offers customers several options to increase the supply of renewable energy and help protect the environment for future generations.

Join over 16,000 customers who support green energy through voluntary City Light programs.
  • Green Up - Support local renewable energy projects-it is the easiest, least expensive way to go green while making a big difference.

  • Community Solar - Learn about the five community solar sites already operating and producing power for City Light customers.

  • Customer Generation - Generate your own electricity with solar panels-increase the value of your home and reduce your bill.

Did you know?
Seattle's long tradition of clean, renewable energy began in 1905 with the Cedar Falls hydroelectric plant. Later, City Light developed the Skagit and Boundary hydroelectric facilities. The Skagit facilities were recently recognized to meet strict "low-impact hydro" certification requirements.

Customer participation in renewable energy programs adds to this legacy by acquiring additional supplies and accelerating the market for new renewable energy. See what City Light customers have accomplished in the last 10 years.
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