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Value for our customers; good for our community Is poor power quality adversely impacting your business operations?
If your business is experiencing power quality problems that significantly impact the performance
of your business and your profitability, Seattle City Light has a service that may help.
  What is the Power Quality Service?
  Seattle City Light offers an information, assessment and referral service for our business customers who have power quality problems.
We will work in partnership with you to help address power quality issues.
Seattle City Light can provide a free site visit of your facility
and conduct an initial assessment. We have also developed a referral list of experienced service providers who can assist your
business to:
  • Monitor and identify the causes of power quality events
  • Recommend and design cost effective solutions
  • Provide and install appropriate corrective equipment
Seattle City Light can facilitate a meeting between your business and any one of the firms from our list of pre-qualified service providers.
Then you may choose to contract with the service provider to initiate the appropriate power quality service. Our staff will monitor the
proposed solution to assure the integrity of the utility's electrical distribution system.
  Key Benefits
  The Power Quality service can save you time and money and improve the operating performance of your business.
This service can help you:
  • Improve performance of your electrical system and equipment
  • Increase business productivity by reducing or eliminating power quality problems
  • Work with qualified service providers to solve power quality problems
  Please call Seattle City Light's Account Executive Office at 206.684.3331 or submit this customer information sheet electronically or
by U.S. mail, whichever is most convenient. Seattle City Light stands behind reliable power and service.
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