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Application for Electric Service is required prior to installation of electrical equipment requiring electric service connection.
  1. What do I need before filling out the Customer Online Application?
    Refer to the following before starting the Customer Online Application:
  2. Are there instructions for completing the online application?
    Review the Step-by-Step Guide to the Online Application for Electric Service
  3. I don't have access to a computer. How do I fill out the application?
    There are a few options available if you don't have access to a computer:
    1. Call the Intake Desk at 206-233-APPS (206-233-2777)and get assistance in filling out the application
    2. Visit Seattle City Light Service Centers in either North or South (link to Contact Us) and get assistance in filling out the Customer Online Application.
    3. Visit your local library and use the computer to complete the Customer Online Application, if that is more convenient.
  4. I have questions. Who do I contact?
    • Seattle City Light North Customer Engineering (From Denny way to the King/Snohomish County Line)
    • Seattle City Light South Customer Engineering (From Denny Way to the southern border of our service territory - see our service map for more information)
      • Residential (Single Family, Duplex, Triplex, and Accessory Dwelling Units)
      • Commercial (For services up to 1MW)
    • For services larger than 1 megawatt, please contact our Electrical Service Engineers
  5. Where do I find the Electric Permit Number?
    Please refer to the appropriate city website to obtain an electric permit:
  6. I do not have an Electric Permit Number; can I still fill out the application?
    Yes, you can submit the application without the Electric Permit Number. But in order to approve your electrical equipment ready for permanent connection, Seattle City Light will require the Electric Permit number and "OK to Connect" approval by the local municipality.
  7. How do I apply for solar installation?
    For information about installing solar, please visit here. If you are the property owner, you will be required to fill out an Interconnection Application & Agreement (in addition to Application for Electric Service Request).
  8. How do I submit the required drawings with the application?
    Required documents can be submitted by attaching the document via email or by dropping off paper drawings at either the:
    North Service Center - 1300 North 97th Street, Seattle
    South Service Center - 3613 4th Avenue South, Seattle.
  9. How long will it take to process my application?
    After submitting the completed application, please allow 4-6 weeks for initial processing. If the application is incomplete, it may take longer. A City Light representative will contact you with additional information.
  10. Once the application is processed, when can I expect a call from a City Light Representative?
    Once the application has been processed the Electric Service Representative who serves your area will contact you within 5-10 business days. Details about your electrical service installation may be available at that time.
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Small/Medium Projects
(under 1 MW demand)
(206) 233-APPS (2777)

Large Commercial and Industrial Projects
(1 MW demand and greater)
(206) 684-3186

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For faster service, please make connection payments in person at one of the following locations:
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3613 4th Avenue South, Seattle WA, 98134
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