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Seattle City Light partnered with the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture to integrate both permanent and temporary art into the Denny Substation Project. The Denny Substation Project's art program is administered by the Office of Arts & Culture 1% for Art Fund.

Pernmanent Artwork at Substation Site

Seattle artists Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo of Lead Pencil Studio and California artist Ned Kahn are members of the design team for the substation. The artists were selected by a panel of artists, design professionals, Cascade community representatives and Seattle City Light staff. Visit the Office of Arts & Culture's Art Beat blog to read more about the artists and their work

Sketch of Transforest

Lead Pencil Studio's work, called "Transforest," includes a sculpture that communicates the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the history of power generation and transmission. It will be located on the southwestern portion of the site.

Ned Kahn's "Switchwall," will be integrated into the surface of the substation at its southeast and northeast corners. It will consist of a series of "switches" that move when the wind blows and turn on different colored lights, creating a moving pattern that changes with shifting wind currents.

Sketch of Transforest

Temporary Art and Performances at Substation Site

The temporary art program, called ALL RISE, began in early 2014 and animated the site with a series of performances and art installations. The program ended in late 2015, a few months before construction began in the first quarter of 2016.

ALL RISE seeks to provide a platform to support and challenge artists; offer transcendent experiences and inspiration; and further the contemporary art dialogue of the region.

The Office of Arts & Culture collaborated with Portland, Oregon curators Meagan Atiyeh and Elizabeth Spavento to develop programming for the ALL RISE art project at the Denny Substation site. Exhibitions and events were free and open to the public.

demolition example photo excavation example photo

ALL RISE art performances: Karl Burkheimer's "In Situ" (left); ALL RISE open house event and cello flash mob (right)

For more information on the latest performances and installations, check out ALL RISE on Facebook.
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