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Seattle City Light has been committed to delivering clean energy to its customers since its beginning. In order to continue this commitment and meet all regulatory requirements, Seattle City Light's Power Contracts and Resource Acquisition Division seeks out existing and new renewable resources in the region and acquires them to meet our customers' needs for clean, green energy.

Seattle City Light is actively seeking new, renewable resources. Recent acquisitions include biomass and landfill gas. In 2002 City Light contracted for one of the largest wind power purchases in the country, 175 megawatts from the Stateline project in eastern Washington and Oregon, making Seattle City Light the 4th highest ranked public utility in the nation delivering wind energy to its customers.

Seattle City Light will be issuing new, renewable resource Requests for Proposals (RFPs) regularly. To find out more, click here.

Seattle City Light's resource acquisition effort is focused on resources with a nameplate capacity of 2 megawatts or greater. If you have or are interested in new, renewable generation smaller than 2 megawatts, please contact Seattle City Light's Conservation Division.

Thank you for your interest. Seattle City Light is committed to delivering environmentally responsible, safe, low cost, and reliable power to our customers. If you would like additional information or to have a resource-specific discussion regarding a resource greater than 2 megawatts please contact:

Robert W. Cromwell, Jr., Director
Seattle City Light, Regional Affairs & Contracts
700 Fifth Ave., Suite 3200
P.O. Box 34023
Seattle, WA 98124-4023
direct 206.684.3856
fax 206.386.4555
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