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Bonneville Power Administration

On July 27, 2017 BPA announced a change to its power and transmission rates effective October 1, 2017. Concurrently, City Light will change the energy product purchased from BPA, resulting in lower contract costs. The net impact of higher rates and moving to a lower cost product is an overall reduction to BPA costs compared to plan, and a passthrough rate decrease of $0.0014 per kWh. This passthrough credit will be applied to all retail energy charges effective October 1, 2017. Utility Discount Program participants will receive a rate decrease of $0.0006/kWh.

2017 BPA Passthrough: Effective October 1, 2017

Passthrough Reduction ($/kWh) -$0.0014
Average Rate Impact -1.6%

What is the BPA Pass-through?

The BPA Pass-through is an automatic rate adjustment mechanism that allows City Light to pass through to its customers the financial impact of any increase or decrease in power and transmission rates charged by BPA. These rate changes take effect without passage of a new ordinance by the City Council. For more details see Ordinance 124182.

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