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Seattle City Light takes the safety of our customers seriously, and we want to protect our customers from falling victim to scam attacks. Scammers nation-wide are posing as utility employees and are using fear and pressure to scam utility customers. The key to preventing future attacks is being able to recognize the warning signs.
  • Scammers posing as utility employees are contacting City Light customers mainly by phone
  • Scammers are threatening to shutoff power if payments are not immediately made
  • Scammers are pressuring customers to obtain pre-paid credit cards to make immediate payments
  • Scammers are targeting businesses, non-English speaking and elderly customers
  • Caller identification from scammers closely resembles that of Seattle City Light

Our Process

City Light will never call demanding immediate payment over the phone. We follow specific protocol when receiving payments or notifying a customer when we will shut off power.

Seattle City Light Employees will:
  • Never call, email, or make a home visit requesting an immediate payment.
  • Never call on the weekend
  • Never call to request credit card, banking, or financial information
  • Never email you to request credit card, banking, or financial information
  • Never request credit card banking or financial information during a home visit
  • Never shutoff service without providing written warning in advance
  • Always provide Employee Identification

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Suspect a scam?
Call Customer Care Center at 206.684.3000.

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