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In connection with the requirements of Seattle City Light new Boundary Project license, Seattle City Light Boundary fisheries team is implementing the Fish and Aquatics Management Plan (FAMP). The FAMP establishes the goals, program objectives, tasks, and schedule for implementing the aquatic protections, mitigations and enhancements (PME measures) included in the Project license.

Beyond Compliance

While the FAMP outlines a comprehensive range of fisheries measures, Seattle City Light is implementing a proactive and innovative research program in the 250 square miles of tributaries draining directly into the Boundary Reservoir and is developing a baseline of robust science to help guide a suite of management decisions concerning Federally endangered and listed species of concern.

Highlights of recent activities include using an advanced suite of remote sensing combined with detailed on-ground habitat assessments to characterize habitat quality in the Sullivan Creek drainage (Sullivan Ck. is the largest tributary to the Pend Oreille River in WA state and is designated critical habitat for the endangered bull trout), and also investigating the use of naturally occurring elemental isotopic signatures present both in water and the fishes to determine where individual fish have lived throughout their lives. It is widely appreciated that understanding the natal origins of salmonids is extremely important to allow stewardship of those sensitive areas, however it is equally crucial from an holistic point of view to understand the role of other habitats in the region as they may function as rearing, feeding, migration or overwintering habitats.

Program Highlights

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