Seattle City Light DEBRA SMITH, General Manager and CEO

Energy Usage

     data, reporting and compliance

Seattle City Light (SCL) offers billing and consumption data, upon request, to customers in order to assist in:

Compliance with Seattle's Energy Benchmarking and Reporting Ordinance

In order to comply with the City's Energy Benchmarking and Reporting Ordinance, it is necessary to create a pathway for Seattle City Light to send your energy usage data to the U.S. EPA's Portfolio Manager.

  1. To upload your usage data to Portfolio Manager, we first need your permission. To provide your permission, you will need to:

    1. read and agree to our Terms and Conditions, then
    2. complete and send us the Portfolio Manager Automated Benchmarking Consumption Request form.

    3. NOTE: Your Request form will be processed within four business days.

  2. Once you have received the Portfolio Manager Automated Benchmarking Authorization form from SCL, which includes detailed instruction on how to proceed, you will need to:

    1. establish a connection to SCL, which enables us to share data,
    2. set up your building profile(s),
    3. set up your virtual meters(s), and
    4. share your buildings(s) and meters(s) with SCL.

For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at For general support on the Energy Benchmarking and Reporting program, please contact the City's technical support line at 206-727-8484 or

Energy Consumption Reports

If you would like electrical usage data, but do not need to comply with the Energy Benchmarking and Reporting Ordinance, download, complete and submit one of the forms below to request a Consumption Report.

Please Note:
  • These reports are meant to support Consumption Allowance and Conservation efforts.
  • These reports are not intended for use with the EPA's Portfolio Manager Application (above).
  • The data in these reports are meter and account specific.
  • The releases must be signed by the account holder .
  • Only one request should be made per year per account, please.
Download Consumption Report Release Forms:
Send your completed Consumption Release Forms to: