Free Concert and Art Exhibition

Free concert and art exhibition at the Seattle Center Armory

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The Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) has partnered with Seattle Center and community artists to highlight the necessary work of independent contractors and app-based workers (sometimes called gig workers) as well as the protections these workers have in the City of Seattle. Who better to display the expansiveness of gig work than gig workers themselves?  
“Making Gigs Work” is an art installation that intends to create conversation about non-traditional workers, and what the City can do to make sure that these workers are treated fairly and that their work is valued. The art installation will run from December 2, 2023 – January 15, 2024 in the Seattle Center Armory Balcony which is open for public viewing from 7am to 8pm.  
This exhibition is paired with a free event calling attention to these laws. The event will be on January 13, 2024 from 3-6pm on the Seattle Center Armory Stage. The event will feature musicians, crafting, and speakers from the City of Seattle. Our goal is for the artists convey the value of this work through visual arts and music about the gig worker industry.   
What is part of making gigs work? These laws intend to “make gigs work” by building strategic enforcement policies that benefit the economy, workers, and workplaces.  
The Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) will promote awareness of the: 

Featured Artists

Shayla Hufana  
Shayla is known for her expressive paintings and illustrations that affirms her background, queer identity and Filipino-American culture. She designs with vibrant colors, clean lines and a variety of organic, geometric forms that are playful yet powerfully evocative. Her incorporation of abstract elements into representational art creates a vivid and dynamic world.  
Shayla has 15+ years of professional experience working as a designer, art/creative director and production artist in a wide range of industries including aerospace, sports, luxury retail, food/bar, healthcare, beauty, nonprofits and more. In 2011, Shayla founded her art and design studio, ConceptShell, to help businesses improve brand recognition and amplify voices of those who want to make a difference in the world. Shayla is passionate about creating art for good to uplift and inspire others in life, love and hope.
Mousy DeVilla 
Born in Washington, raised in White Center, Cecelia DeLeon aka “Mousy DeVilla” is a Multidisciplinary Artist. She creates colorful artwork often inspired by her Mexican heritage and Chicano culture. The themes in her work also highlight social justice issues within society and she conveys these images through paintings, digital illustrations, and 3D Installations.
IG: @mousy.devilla
Yulia Issa  
Yulia Issa is a contemporary figurative artist based in Seattle, WA. Her focus is on portraying the delicacy and resilience of the human nature which she explores using acrylics and digital media. Her work tends to have a sketch-like quality conveying the fleetingness and beauty of the moment. The subjects of her inspiration frequently are observations of everyday people whether engaged in daily labor, performing skilled tasks or rising up to fight for their social and economic rights. 
Yulia earned her degree in fine arts at the Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Featured Musicians  

Foleada is a group of seasoned musicians based out of Seattle that play Forró. Forró is the heartbeat of Northeast Brazil, it draws on many musical styles but two of the primary influences are Afro-Brazilian music like samba and baião and European music such as schottisches and polkas. Forró dance also borrows from Cuban salsa and Samba de Gafieira to create a simple partner dance.  
A traditional Forró ensemble features accordion, triangle and Drums. Foleada is a sextet featuring two accordionists: Jamie Maschler and Gabe Hall-Rodrigues, two percussionists: Jeff Busch and Sam Esecson, Michael Catts on bass, and Brazilian vocalist Adriana Giordano. All our members are active in the Seattle music scene and are veteran performers. They frequently partner with the group "Forro in Seattle" to host regular dance events for the Brazilian and Forró community in the greater Seattle area.   
Foleada is also the 2023 recipient of the Jack Straw Artist Support Program. This residency awards 8 artists residency and with the help of this resource, Foleada's will release their first full length album in 2024!  
Najah Monique Todd, Del Brown and LBSTR DelaHoya make up the dance-pop trio Mirrorgloss, formed in 2012 in Tacoma, Washington. Najah Monique and Del established a unique sound focusing on their vocal pairing as the foundation of their musical creation. The pair compliment each other with the combination of Najamoniq's soulful vocals interweaved with the edgier sounds of Del with the addition of LBSTR providing the beats live on stage. LBSTR first saw the duo on Sept. 24, 2019 at the Spanish Ballroom and a year later to the day would join Najah and Del on stage for their grand appearance on the music show Band in Seattle shown on King 5. The threesome would result in a dynamic sound that is truly all their own.  
The look of the band is as refreshing as their art, citing influences as eclectic as Jeff Buckley, LCD Soundsystem, The Pretenders and The Gossip. The two front women are stylish and proudly plus-sized, who support and promote all types of beauty through the body positive movement. The ladies of Mirrorgloss believe that sisterhood is less about competition, and is more related to the strengthening of a foundation upon which we can all stand and encourage each other's success.  
Having found a kindred spirit in one another, the ladies of Mirrogloss feel fortunate to be traveling on this journey of creativity and self-expression together as best friends, having LBSTR on board, creates a balance and adds excitement to an already inspiring energy. The trio’s captivating friendship radiates love and light, their music inspires freedom and movement, allowing fans to be a part of an uplifting, fun and "inclusive" dance party where everyone is invited.  
" ...the two have powerful voices that reach toward Beth Ditto and Aretha Franklin."  
                               - City Arts Magazine  

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