Seattle By Design

Seattle By Design program launches with five high-priority user research projects to improve city services

April 25, 2023 - In partnership with U.S Digital Response (USDR), the City of Seattle Innovation and Performance team launched the Seattle by Design user research cohort this month. This pilot project connects a cohort of volunteer experts with Seattle City departments to answer questions and make recommendations using best practices in user research. Seattle by Design will help the City of Seattle better understand its residents’ needs and improve the delivery of public services.

The cohort will undertake five high-priority user research projects to tackle some of the city’s most pressing challenges, such as enhancing the loan application process for BIPOC businesses and establishing city best practices for language access. All five projects will help the city design services around residents’ needs, so that public services are delivered effectively and equitably.

The program launched in early April 2023 for a ten-week sprint. In June, USDR and Innovation and Performance will share the results of the five projects and how they will be used to design the City’s services.

USDR, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, helps governments respond quickly to the critical needs of the public by activating highly-skilled talent and leveraging technology. In part powered by pro-bono technologists, USDR provides a surge of support and technical expertise embedded directly in governments across the country. You can learn more about Seattle By Design on USDR’s blog post calling for volunteers to support the project. (All projects have now been matched with volunteers.)

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Service Design Project Lead Long Dinh.

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