About us

About us

The City's Innovation & Performance team was created in 2017, bringing together staff into a new unit focused on improving the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of City government.  We provide free, in-kind technical support to City departments in order that they might better achieve their service goals. We use data and design to support management and operational decision-making, and seek to deliver sustainable solutions that can be used independently by departments after the conclusion of our projects.


We envision a collaborative and innovative city government serving a community where everyone thrives.


We partner with city departments using data and design to creatively solve problems.

Tina Walha, Director

Tina Walha, Director

Tina serves as Director of Innovation & Performance, leading a talented and committed team of professionals that work closely with City departments to solve problems. Her past experience includes serving as a policy advisor to Mayor Mike Bloomberg in New York City and as a management consultant to government and nonprofit leaders at the city, county, state, Federal, and international levels to create actionable enterprise strategic plans and explore innovative financing mechanisms. She holds degrees in Economics and International Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Master of Public Affairs degree from Princeton University.

Paige St. George 

Paige went to Washington State University and has a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's degree in Human Development. She began her professional career in education and community mental health before transitioning to information technology as an ERP Business Process Analyst. After 12 years working from home and raising her family, Paige joined the i-team in 2015 to support them in all things administrative, and continues this role for the IP team.

Amie Thao

Amie serves as Civic Designer for the City of Seattle. She works to bring design-based innovation expertise and creativity to the team's work. During her time at the City, she has worked across multiple social issues including racial equity, homelessness, and economic development. She has spent the last decade helping start-ups, public sector and non-profit clients use human-centered design to fulfill their missions and to create a more kind and equitable world. Amie holds a BFA. from ArtCenter College of Design. Prior to working in government, she spent 3.5 years cycling through 40 countries and listening to people's stories.

Specialized Skills

  • Strategy analysis and formulation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Pay for success

Specialized Skills

  • Team coordination
  • Bureaucratic wayfinding
  • Stakeholder management

Specialized Skills

  • Design research and strategy
  • Digital product design (UI/UX)
  • Human-centered design
  • orkshop design and facilitation

Leah Tivoli photo

Leah Tivoli

Leah Tivoli has over 10 years of experience inspiring people to use technology and data to improve service delivery, budget transparency, and policy development at City of Seattle. In 2016, Leah was recruited into the City Budget Office to build and manage a citywide performance program founded on municipal best practices and Seattle's lessons learned, with a wide-range of partners such as What Work Cities, the Harvard Civic Analytics Network, and the Government Performance Lab.  Leah holds undergraduate degrees from McGill University in Environmental Science and Business Management and Master's degrees in Public Health and Public Administration from the University of Washington. 

Richard Todd photo

Richard Todd

Richard joined the City having worked at the New Orleans Mayor's Office of Performance and Accountability, where he worked to scale their maturing data analytics program. Previously, he worked as a consultant to local governments in Europe, bringing data to operational and policy decisions, and deploying innovative funding mechanisms for public services. Managing the health and human services team in this role, he led the design and implementation of the world's first pay-for-success project for homelessness services. Prior to this, Richard worked in mergers & acquisitions for a major European investment bank and received an undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford and a Master of Public affairs degree from Princeton University.

Mike image

Mike Wypyszinski

Mike has been with the City for over 16 years working in SDOT, Seattle IT and most recently working with Innovation and Performance. As a business intelligence developer, he has architected, designed, developed, and implemented data warehouses and data automation solutions for several City departments. Mike is a graduate of six University of Washington Extension Certificate programs that focused on multiple development disciplines, most recently in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Development.

Specialized Skill

  • Strategic planning
  • Facilitation
  • Change Management

Specialized Skills

  • Data science
  • Experimental testing and applied research techniques
  • Policy analysis

Specialized Skills

  • Business intelligence
  • Data warehousing
  • Data automation

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