HOPE Data Team Project

How might we strengthen real-time data for outreach providers to make shelter referrals and build the path towards better service matching for individuals experiencing homelessness?

Team: HSD | Tableau

Problem: In alignment with recent legislation and the 2021 budget approved by Council, the City is updating its encampment outreach response from the Navigation Team to the Homelessness Outreach and Provider Ecosystem (HOPE) Team. This new eight-person Human Services Department (HSD)-led Team is coordinating with the City's contracted outreach teams and City departments to engage with people living unsheltered and connect them with services, including shelter and housing as available, and address the impacts of unsheltered homelessness. With the shift away from a model that included direct outreach and in-house data collection and reporting by the City (Navigation Team) to a coordinating role which relies on data reporting by outreach providers, the HOPE Team requires new data sharing tools and processes to support positive outreach outcomes, such as referrals to services and shelter.

Solution: In 2021 Q1, this partnership approached the discovery phase to build an understanding of what is needed to enable a real-time view of data collected by HOPE team and contracted providers for identifying vacancy and effective service matching. The team identified and shaped design constraints and options for moving forward, and explored a prototype for use in the immediate-term.

In Q2, the team will continue to co-design business processes and enabling data solutions to strengthen the team's ability to connect individuals experiencing homelessness to housing and services. Any development and delivery will occur in Q3/Q4.

Contact: Yasin Darmulo, Human Services Department, yasin.darmulo@seattle.gov

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