2020 Projects

Affordability Portal 2.0

How might we improve access to benefits by cutting down on the time and paperwork required to sign-up for programs?

Racial Equity Lab

How might we develop a digital tool to improve City of Seattle's internal coordination of equity work, and at the same time, increase transparency of initiatives and outcomes to the BIPOC communities, so they can hold us accountable?

Food Rescue

How might we better connect surplus food from Seattle businesses with community nonprofits in real-time?

Creative Economy Collaboration

How might we better connect tech and creative sectors to provide economic opportunities for creative professionals - particularly creatives of color?

Predictive Analytics for Parking

How might we create a model that predicts street parking occupancy to set rates in Fall 2020?

2019 Projects

Earthquake Early Warning

  • The Earthquake Early Warning project  will build a last-mile alert prototype to deliver early warning of impending hazardous ground shaking to key public safety officials enrolled in a beta test. 

Earthquake Damage Assessment

  • The Earthquake Damage Assessment project focuses on improving the City's ability to obtain and analyze damage assessment information after an earthquake event by determining how to pull information from multiple sources into a single system for damage information.    

Homelessness Data Model

  • Creating a data model solution that will automate a manual process and create a connection between input data and business visualizations for the Human Services Department.  

NavApp 2.0

  • The NavApp 2.0 project will improve the ability for the Navigation Team to better collaborate efforts through data in connecting unsheltered individuals with existing services and create faster resolutions to hazardous situations. 

Affordability Portal

  • The Affordability Portal seeks to create a central online website to better connect low-income households and residents to programs and services to lower their cost of living in Seattle.  

Youth Opportunity Portal

  • The Youth Opportunity Portal seeks to create a central online website to youth programs with a centralized application, making it easy for young people ages 12-24 to access jobs and skill building opportunities, to develop those skills overtime, and to plan for an economically secure and personally empowering career. 

Affordable Housing Search

  • The Affordable Housing Search Tool project will create a centralized way to locate available affordable housing. 

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