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Andrew Beers

Chief Technology Officer, Tableau

Andrew Beers is Tableau's Chief Technology Officer, and is responsible for Tableau's long term technology roadmap and emerging technologies. During his tenure at Tableau, he has led many of the engineering teams, created new products for the company, and personally written pieces of the product code. Andrew has been at the very heart of Tableau's engineering for most of the company's existence. Prior to joining Tableau in 2004, Andrew ran the engineering group at Align Technology, makers of the Invisalign system, building software to support large-scale customized manufacturing. He holds a master's degree in computer science from Stanford University, where he worked in Pat Hanrahan's computer graphics research group.

Headshot of Trish Millines-Dziko

Trish Millines Dziko

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Technology Access Foundation

Trish Millines Dziko cofounded Technology Access Foundation (TAF) in 1996 after spending 15 years as a developer, designer and manager in the high tech industry. A native of New Jersey who attended Monmouth College (now Monmouth University) on a basketball scholarship, she graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science in 1979 at a time when few people of color and few women were entering the field. Her successful career brought her to Microsoft in the late-1980s, just as the pioneering software company was set to become a worldwide brand.

Trish left Microsoft in 1996 and founded TAF to help bolster technology training and access for women and people of color in technology. TAF has since grown into a statewide leader in STEM education, operating TAF Academy (a 6th to 12th grade, award-winning public school that is co-managed by TAF and the Federal Way Public School District), increasing the number of teachers of color through the Martinez Fellowship, and partnering with public schools to transform them into academic environments that will promote the highest level of student learning. In addition to her work at TAF, Trish remains a committed, proactive leader and serves on the boards of several organizations that focus on children and education. Trish and her spouse live on Vashon Island and are the proud parents of 4 children.

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Sandy Anuras

VP of Technology, Expedia Group

Sandy Anuras will be stepping in as the new Expedia co-Chair. Sandy is a downtown resident who is passionate about Seattle being a world-class city in which residents can live, work, and play. She will be a great addition to the group.

Sandy is a product and technology executive with deep experience in building scalable, high-performance teams. She is currently the VP of Product and Technology for Global Marketing at Expedia Group. Sandy previously served as the VP Technology at Blokable, where she brought her broad engineering and operations experience together to lead development of the BlokSense Insights Dashboard, bringing integrated hardware and software to scalable housing creation and operations. Prior to Blokable, she was the CTO at Stash Hotel Rewards and a technology leader at Expedia with responsibilities leading technology teams for global expansion, loyalty programs, financial institution partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions. Sandy holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University.  When not hard at work, she enjoys playing the violin, traveling, and playing with her dog DanDan.   


Seattle City Council, Ex-Officio

  • Alex Pedersen, Councilmember, District 4


  • Courtney Lee
  • Tim Halladay
  • Jared Axelrod


  • Sandy Anuras
  • Tom Shivitz
  • Richard de Sam Lazaro


  • Katherine Clouse
  • Carina Weyer


  • Eddie Kirschenbaum
  • Steven Uy
  • Sara Lazkani

Flying Fish

  • Heather Redman 


  • Tom Rubin, Stanford Law School Lecturer


  • John Cho


  • Andrew Beers
  • Steve Schwartz

Technology Access Fund

  • Trish Millines-Dziko


  • Brian Kahrs

University of Washington

  • Anind Dey
  • Magda Balazinska

Washington Technology Industry Association

  • Michael Schutzler
  • Molly Jones


  • Teaque Lenahan

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