New Health and Well-Being Programs

Thrive: Reach Your Well-Being Goals

On November 5, 2019, the City of Seattle is launching a new program for employees covered on the “Most” benefits program to support your physical, emotional, financial and work well-being! We’ve partnered with Limeade, the employee experience software company, to create Thrive. Thrive will combine useful tools, educational content and social support to help users reach their goals and enjoy the journey.

Here’s what employees can do with Thrive:

  • Explore interests at their own pace
  • Join activities designed to build healthy habits
  • Complete the assessment to learn about your strengths and areas of improvement
  • Connect their devices and apps to easily track their activities on the go
  • Participate in team activities and connect with others along the way
  • Earn points for participation to achieve new levels and great rewards

Note for City of Seattle employees: Watch for an email from Limeade to your City email address on November 5, so you can activate your account!

Advocacy: Making Health and Benefits Easier

Starting January 1, 2020, employees and covered family members can connect with a dedicated Accolade Health Assistant for help with health or benefits questions, big or small. The Health Assistant will get to know employees and understand their needs, while partnering with a team of doctors, nurses and benefits specialists to help support users each step of the way. Users can connect with the Health Assistant by phone, via web or by secure messaging app

Employeees can ask the Health Assistant questions like these:

  • Can you help me find an in-network provider?
  • What questions should I ask my doctor?
  • What other benefit programs might help me?
  • I was diagnosed with diabetes – now what?
  • Can you help me understand my claim/bill?

Accolade helps employees and their families by:

  • Reducing hassle — Taking the stress out of navigating health and benefits
  • Saving time and money — Answering benefits and claims questions, and helping users access the right care at the right time
  • Promoting well-being — Encouraging participation in City of Seattle-sponsored programs like Thrive, Resources for Living EAP, and more
  • Increasing knowledge — Educating members on the best use of their benefits
  • Healthcare benefits and how to better manage costs

To hear it directly from the Accolade Health Assistants and their customers, check out one of the videos below;

*Not available to employees on the Local 27, Local 77 and SPOG benefit programs, Seattle Housing Authority employees or COBRA participants.