Our Commitment to Workforce Equity

We created the new Workforce Equity Division in response to Mayor Ed Murray's Executive Order (EO) 2015-02: Workforce Equity Initiative. The order instructed SDHR and the Seattle Office of Civil Rights (SOCR) to expand the scope and reach of the City's efforts to achieve equity for City employees.

Specific actions include:

  • Create an interdepartmental team to address specific examples of disparity described in the City of Seattle Workforce Pay Equity and Utilization Report prepared by DCI Consulting.
  • Create, in coordination with the Citywide Human Resources Leadership Team, consolidated and aligned human resources policies, processes and practices that advance the City's ability to maintain consistent and equitable treatment of employees Citywide.
  • Create and implement training and leadership development programs for underrepresented populations.

Our new Division will also implement directives set out in EO 2014-02: Race and Social Justice Initiative. These include co-leading with SOCR the Workforce Equity Planning and Advisory Committee (WEPAC), and partnering with educational institutions to end workforce disparities and create cradle-to-career pathways for Seattle residents.

The City Council instructed us to present a Workforce Equity Strategic Action Plan by July 1, 2016. We will include specific recommendations, budget and timelines to improve workforce equity. We are developing the plan now, and welcome your input.

Our Workforce Equity Division includes staff in our Workforce Development and Supported Employment units, as well as advisors who are responsible for, and committed to, embedding equity into Citywide training and recruitment efforts.

For detailed information:

Key Resources

City's Guidance on Gender Identity in the Workplace

This document defines the City of Seattle's expectations for welcoming and supporting transitioning, gender diverse and transgender City employees. It also serves as a roadmap for transitioning employees and their supervisors and coworkers. The goal is a safe and productive workplace environment for all employees. These guidelines are consistent with the City's commitment to RSJ and Workforce Equity. More information can be found here: Gender Identity Guidance.