Funding Policies Update

The Office of Housing is currently working on updates to the policies governing our funding programs, which are contained in the Housing Levy Administrative and Financial (A&F) Plan and Housing Funding Policies. These policies apply to all OH fund sources, including Housing Levy, Incentive Zoning and Mandatory Housing Affordability proceeds, and other local and federal funds. To meeting Housing Levy requirements, legislation updating the policies must be adopted every two years.

In Spring 2019, the Mayor will transmit legislation adopting the Levy A&F Plan for Program Years 2019-2020 and the Housing Funding Policies to City Council.

As a first step, OH is sought community input regarding changes to policies.

A draft of changes to funding policies are available to view online.

To submit a public comment on potential changes to funding policies or to receive updates, email Comments must be submitted by 5 PM on Thursday, April 4, 2019.