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Plan Review/Construction Inspection Fees

The Seattle Fire Department charges fees for plan review and construction inspection services. These fees are separate and in addition to any Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections(SDCI) fees.

The purpose of Seattle Fire Department's plan review and inspection services is to ensure that buildings under construction and those being remodeled in the City of Seattle are designed in accordance with the Seattle Fire Code and will protect occupants in an emergency.

The plan reviews and construction inspections performed by the Seattle Fire Department verify that key safety systems such as fire alarms and fire sprinklers are designed correctly and work properly at the time the building is occupied.

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Construction Inspections FAQ

Plan Review & Inspection Fees

Inspection & Plan Review Fees FAQ

In keeping with Seattle’s efforts to consolidate building related services at the Seattle Municipal Tower, cashiers at SDCI collect the fees on behalf of the Fire Department.

The fee for Seattle Fire Department review of building plans and fire protection system designs is $243.00 per hour with a one hour minimum (see the Inspection & Plan Review Fee FAQ).

The categories and rates for Fire Department construction inspections are:

Fee Schedule as of January 1, 2017:

Fire Department review of building plans and fire protection system designs

$243 per hour (one hour minimum)

Fire Alarm Systems

$543 plus $5.43 per device > 6 devices

Fire Alarm Systems with more than 6 devices and no new control panel installation or major modification to the system.

$273 plus $5.43 per device > 6 devices

Fire Extinguishing System - Pre-Engineered or Rangehood


Fire Sprinkler Systems

$328 plus $3.28 per sprinkler head > 6 sprinkler heads


$233 plus $5 per landing with PRVs (pressure reducing valves)

Fire Pump

$233 per pump

Sprinkler System Supply Main


Tenant Improvement (TI) Inspection without modification of fire protection systems, Or TI with 6 or less sprinkler heads and 6 or less fire alarm devices.


Emergency Responder Radio System Coverage - Systems Testing

$208 per hour (one hour minimum)

Knox Box Inspection


Request for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy recommendation

$248 plus time charge for all related inspection and review.

Failed/Missed Inspection Fee

$227 hour, one hour minimum

These fees are separate and in addition to any Department of Construction and Inspections fees.

Also see:

Inquiries about new Fire Department plan review and construction fees may be directed to the Fire Prevention Division at 206-386-1450.


Last Modified:   January 03, 2017

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