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Flameproofing Info

This section covers the general requirements for flame proofing and combustible storage.  the following items are required by the Seattle Fire Marshal's Office for booths at trade shows or otherwise used for display within the City of Seattle limits.

Flame Proofing

All curtains, drapes, hangings and other decorative materials suspended from walls or ceilings must be flame resistant.

To facilitate verification that an item described above is flame retardant; the following options may be used:

  1. A copy of the Certificate of Flame Resistance for the item may be left in the booth when the vendor does not occupy it.  The Certificate of Flame Resistance must indicate the item meets the requirements of either National Fire Protection Association 701 (NFPA 701) and/or the State of California Fire Marshal approved standard for flame proofing (Note: Certificates of Flame Resistance are valid for one (1) year after which time they must be renewed.  Unless the certificate shows an expiration date stating otherwise or indicates the treatment cannot be removed when laundered).

  2. A tag or label on the item indicating it meets either the NFPA 701 and or/ The State of California Fire Marshal approved standard for flame proofing.

  3. Only certificates from a third-party certifier or manufacturer of the product(s) are acceptable.  Treating the item(s) yourself shall no longer be acceptable.

Painted back-drops/signage utilizing oil based or water based paints, if provided with backing materials must be accompanied by a Certificate of Flame Resistance indicating the item is flame retardant or it must be removed.

Materials used for outdoor ground coverings, such as beauty bark and shredded tires  must be accompanied by a Certificate of Flame Resistance indicating the item is flame retardant or it must be removed.

The use of oilcloth, tarpaper, sisal paper, nylon, Orlon and certain other synthetic materials that cannot be made flame resistant is strictly prohibited.

Items which are not accompanied by a valid Certificate of Flame Resistance shall be removed.  If the item(s) is unable to be removed from the show floor prior to the show opening, the show doors may be held and/or the vendor/exibitor's booth may be closed!

Combustible Storage

Combustible storage –repacking material, etc. is prohibited throughout the public assembly area. This includes areas in and behind individual booth spaces.

NOTE: Small amounts of brochures and other literature for distribution may be stored under tables fronting the booth space when approved by a representative of the Fire Marshal’s Office.

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Last Modified:   March 18, 2013

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