Creative Industries

Seattle has a rich history of cultural innovation and creative risk taking. Our arts and culture are recognized around the world, and a robust creative workforce nourishes our entrepreneurial spirit. Seattle's creative industries are one vital source of fuel that will drive our economy into the future. To ensure that racial and economic disparities don't continue to grow, we need to build a creative economy that is inclusive of everyone.

Since its inception in 1991, Seattle's Office of Film + Music has supported the heart of our city's creative industries, specifically film and music, by working to develop Seattle a great place to make a living making film and music.

For Seattle to thrive, we need to deepen, align, and expand our department partnerships and programs to better prepare our workforce, businesses, and infrastructure. We ground this work in a commitment to race and social justice, economic data, and deep community and industry listening. To achieve those goals, the Office of Film + Music will lead the new "Inclusive Creative Industry Program" as the citywide economic development priority.


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