Pesticide Reduction

The City of Seattle manages over 110,000 acres of public land, of which 12,000 acres are highly developed and managed grounds including greenhouses, specialty gardens, roadsides and medians, golf courses, and hundreds of miles of electrical transmission right-of-way. The goals of the pesticide reduction program are to eliminate the use of the most potentially hazardous herbicides and insecticides and to reduce overall pesticide use.

The Office of Sustainability and Environment originally led development of the City's pesticide reduction program as part of the citywide Environmental Management Program, but does not currently play a role in pesticide reduction work. The Department of Parks and Recreation's Horticulture division continues this work and leads the City's Interdepartmental Team on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), with representatives from Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle City Light, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Center, Finance and Administrative Services and Seattle Public Libraries. This page provides current as well as historical information and relevant links.

Pesticide Policies and Development

Pesticide Product Review Process

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