Drive Clean Seattle

Powering a new generation of clean cars with carbon neutral electricity.

The Drive Clean Seattle electrification initiative contains an aggressive municipal fleet emissions reduction strategy, calls for significant infrastructure investment by Seattle City Light, identifies opportunity for public/private partnerships, pilots innovative projects to use our electrical assets to move Seattle and overall accelerates transportation electrification in Seattle. The fleet electrification and emissions reduction components of this agenda are among the most innovative solutions proposed by cities across the country. This work leverages our clean electricity and will play a critical role in helping us reach our carbon neutral goal by 2050. Key points: 

  • Drive Clean Seattle is among the most comprehensive plans in the country to electrify transportation at scale and the Mayor will signal to Seattle residents and transportation stakeholders that the City of Seattle is serious about reducing emissions and transforming the sector:

  • Because of Seattle City Light's carbon neutral electricity, each gallon of gasoline that's replaced with electricity is 100% reduction in carbon.

  • With Drive Clean Seattle we'll enable and support a significant increase in electric vehicles in Seattle by 2025.

  • Drive Clean Seattle leads by example by investing in transforming the City of Seattle fleet using a combination of cleaner fuels, more efficient vehicles, and significant investment in electric vehicles.

  • Drive Clean Seattle will ensure equitable participation in the electrified transportation economy and that, as much as possible, air quality benefits accrue to those communities which need the benefits the most.

  • We also recognize that, while mostly an electrification initiative, there are still many transportation applications for which electrification is not yet practical. For this reason, Drive Clean Seattle will also include a commitment to investigating clean renewable diesel as an alternative fuel.