Fresh Bucks Vouchers

The Fresh Bucks vouchers program expands community access to healthy and affordable food. Eligible and enrolled participants receive $40 per month in Fresh Bucks Vouchers to purchase fruits and vegetables at farmers markets, neighborhood grocers and Seattle Safeway stores

Guided by the City of Seattle's Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI), Fresh Bucks aims to eliminate racial disparities in access to healthy foods among historically underserved communities. We do this by partnering with local community-based organizations and health clinics that work with communities most affected by food insecurity and health disparities to enroll eligible participants in the Fresh Bucks Voucher program.

Fresh Bucks Voucher Program E-benefits and Retail Expansion
In 2021, the Fresh Bucks voucher program is transitioning from a paper voucher to an electronic benefit. The e-benefit will automatically loaded into customer accounts monthly. Customers can use a benefit card or mobile app linked to their account to purchase fruits and vegetables at participating retailers. This shift to a digital system will help eliminate customer waiting time for benefits, streamline the customer shopping experience across a variety of retailer types, and reduce administrative burden to small retailers.

Fresh Bucks customers and community partners have asked for more Fresh Bucks access points in underserved neighborhoods and where culturally relevant produce is sold. The shift to a standardized e-benefit system across all retailers makes it possible to significantly scale the Fresh Bucks retailer network. Learn more about the Fresh Bucks retail expansion priorities and selection process.

Fresh Bucks Application and Enrollment Processes
Once a year, income-eligible Seattle residents can apply for Fresh Bucks in one of two ways.

  1. Community-Based Enrollment: We partner with local community-based organizations and health clinics that work with historically underserved communities most affected by food insecurity and health disparities.
  2. Public Lottery Application: All eligible residents who do not enroll through community-based enrollment can submit a public lottery application. All eligible, unduplicated applications received during the public lottery application period are assigned a ranking determined by random lottery to either enroll in Fresh Bucks or be placed on a program waitlist. If budget becomes available throughout the program year, we enroll eligible applicants from the waitlist to receive benefits for the remainder of the program year

For up to date information on Fresh Bucks enrollment, visit the Fresh Bucks website or sign up for our newsletter to receive program updates.