Building Tune-Up Accelerator Program

Is Your Building Less Than 100,000 SF?

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We're recruiting up to 100 buildings 100,000 SF or less to jump start tune-ups by participating in the Building Tune-Up Accelerator Program. Benefits include enhanced technical support and financial incentives of up to $0.12 per square foot to complete a tune-up early that meets the City requirement. Funding sunsets after 2018.

Complete an assessment and implement corrective actions to meet the City's requirement or do more for deeper energy savings and a more valuable building asset. Contact us now if your building tune-up is required in 2020 or 2021 (nonresidential building area is less than 100K SF, excluding parking). 

Check out the fact sheet for more details on incentives and the detailed program overview for the program timeline and participation requirements.

How to Sign Up

An application for building owners will be available in July. To get on the sign-up list now, email Nicole Ballinger at or call (206) 233-7184. 

Resources for Building Owners

Resources for Providers (Tune-Up Specialists)