How to Comply

Buildings Required and Exemptions

Multifamily and non-residential buildings 20,000 sf or larger (excluding parking) must be accurately benchmarked and reported to the City of Seattle by April 1st of each year. For more detail on whether or not your building needs to comply, refer to the "BUILDINGS SUBJECT TO REQUIREMENTS" section of the Director's Rule. The City of Seattle determines whether or not a building must comply from King County Assessor records. For more information, contact for help. 


Manufacturing Exemption

Under the Director's Rule, buildings used primarily for manufacturing or industrial purposes are exempt from all benchmarking, disclosure, and reporting requirements of this ordinance. This includes buildings used for assembling, disassembling, fabricating, finishing, manufacturing, packaging, repair or processing operations. The primary means of obtaining an exemption is by submitting the building's Certificate of Occupancy to, documenting that at least 50% of the building is classified under the current Seattle Building Code as Factory Industrial Group F. For more details and a self-certification alternative, read the Manufacturing and Industrial Exemptions document.