How to Comply

Learn How to Comply

Multifamily and non-residential buildings 20,000 sf or larger must be accurately benchmarked and reported to the City of Seattle by April 1st of each year (for the prior year's energy use). You must also provide an energy disclosure report if a tenant, buyer or other qualified party requests it from you.

Updating a Building that Reported Last Year?

Building owners must annually update their Portfolio Manager account and confirm compliance for annual reporting by April 1st. If you reported 2016 data, please use the following documents to update for 2017 data:

Data Accuracy Requirements

Starting in 2015, reports with unusually low or high (outlier) EUIs and buildings using "default values" for the ENERGY STAR score will be required to make corrections. 

First Time Benchmarking & Reporting?

Learn how to use Portfolio Manager to obtain energy use data from the utilities, determine the building's energy use intensity or EUI (annual energy use per square foot), and set up your building to share the EUI with the City.

Utility Contacts to Obtain Energy Use Data

Additional Information

Prefer to hire a pro to benchmark?

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC), a non-profit energy efficiency trade association, maintains a directory of businesses that can benchmark buildings and help owners use the building's energy data to make informed decisions about energy and money saving upgrades.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the building owner on record to confirm accurate annual compliance. Reports with unusually low or high (outlier) EUIs or other errors will be flagged for accuracy and required to make corrections.