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Nisqually Earthquake - 10 years after

Earthquakes are Seattle's biggest threat due to the combination of magnitude and frequency.  In 2010 the City of Seattle reviewed key efforts that had been undertaken following the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake.  The document Earthquake Preparedness - Activities Completed and Future Efforts  provides an overview of some of the projects that were completed and highlights planned activities.

Earthquake Home Retrofit Handbook

School Non-structural Protection Guide
How to Prepare for:

Seattle Tsunami Inundation Simulation

Seattle Fault Scenario

What should I know about Ebola?

With all the media attention on Ebola it is important to temper your anxiety about a pandemic outbreak with some cold hard facts.  Pubic Health Seattle King County and  Centers for Disease Control both have excellent websites that provide a wealth of information regarding the disease.  It is important to note that the chances of contracting the disease in the United States are astronomically small.  The focus on Ebola does provide a good opportunity to reinforce the importance of practicing good disease prevention behaviors.  Visit Public Health Seattle King County website Stop Germs, Stay Healthy to learn more about healthy behaviors that are effective in limiting the spread of colds and flu.