Additional Help following a disaster

Some of the following programs are only available following a Presidential disaster declaration.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Administered by the Washington Department of Employment Security, this program may be available for people not covered by regular unemployment insurance - such as the self-employed, farm workers, or farm and ranch owners.

Tax Assistance

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may allow special income tax deductions for under-insured or uninsured disaster losses related to your home, personal property, and household goods.  The IRS may also offer tax counseling and tax rebates.  In addition, your County Assessor may allow for reductions in local property tax valuations.

Check Express

The Social Security Administration may be able to expedite address changes and benefit check delivery.  Veterans may be able to get special help through the Veterans Administration.

Crisis Counseling

This service may be offered through the Washington Department of Social and Health Services or a local mental health agency.

Disaster Legal Services

Free legal services may be available for low-income disaster victims with disaster-related issues, such as help with insurance claims and replacing legal papers lost in the disaster.

Other voluntary organizations or charitable institutions

Voluntary disaster relief organizations may be able to provide short-term assistance throughout the recovery process.