Disaster Recovery

Nobody Expects A Disaster to Strike. . . .But when it does the results can be devastating

When disasters hit, individuals, families and businesses may suffer serious loss and financial hardship. It can take years to recover. The best way to make sure you can recover from a disaster is to  Prepare in Advance.

Safeguard the people and things you value

Develop a preparedness plan with your family and secure your property to make it less vulnerable to disaster-related damage. Be the person who says "I am thankful I did . . ." - not the one who says, "If only I had . . ."

Check your insurance

The right kind of disaster insurance is key to protecting your property and belongings. Talk to a knowledgeable agent to make sure you know what your policy covers - and what additional protection you may need.


Floods do not just happen in floodplains. Other areas sustain groundwater flooding as well - and special insurance can cover flood-related damage. Since Washington is serious earthquake country you may also want to consider earthquake insurance.

Voluntary organizations and government resources may help with your recovery, but they will not restore you to your pre-disaster situation

Plan Now.  That is Your Best Protection