Family Child Care Training

HighScope's Family Child Care Training Series will be offered to up to 60 Family Child Care (FCC) providers each year. Each participant will attend a total of 10 workshop sessions per year, scheduled for 2 hours each, once a month for 10 months. The workshops are intended for providers working in licensed family child care homes, as well as providers offering family friend or neighbor care. The sessions will encourage active participation among the providers.

In 2017, training starts February 14 and continues through December 4.

Providers will:

• See how the information being shared can influence their current work with the children they care for.
• Have time to share, learn and grow through interactions with each other and the trainer. This will help build a learning community where providers can rely on one another for support and networking.
• Take information back to their child care settings and try out new ideas with the help of an on-site coach.

Family Child Care Training participants will receive:

• 20 hours of HighScope Family Child Care training from a certified HighScope trainer.
• MERIT/STARS credit for the 20 hours.
• A small payment or stipend of $30.00 per session to offset the cost of attending the training. (Maximum $300.00 per series.)
• A completion bonus of $150.00 for completing all 10 sessions in the 20-hour series. Three series of 10 sessions (Units 1 - 30) will be available in all, pending future budget approval by the City Council.
• Up to two hours of on-site coaching each month.
• Translation/Interpretation services are available upon request.

Note: You may apply to join the 2017 training at any time, but if you have not attended all 10 sessions you will be eligible in December for the $30 per session stipend, but not the $150 completion bonus.