Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I find updates on COVID-19 resources offered by the City of Seattle? 
A: For the latest resources available for COVID-19, please visit the Mayor's COVID-19 Community Resources page.  

Q: Where can I find updates on funding opportunities under the FEPP Levy? 
A: Due to COVID-19, some of the timelines for FEPP Levy funding processes were temporarily suspended. Please check back on this page (under News Updates) for updates related to the FEPP Levy and COVID-19. We will be posting information as it comes available. You can also visit our Funding Opportunities page for additional information.

Q: Are DEEL's programs still operating during COVID? 
A: Programs such as the Seattle Preschool Program (SPP) and the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) are operating on a provider-by-provider basis. Parents should contact their SPP school and CCAP provider to see if the facility is open.   

Q: How are school closures impacting Levy funded services for K12 students? 
 With campuses closed, everyone adapted to new ways of doing things and the work continued! Educators at schools and in the community found new and creative ways to reach kids and continue learning. For example, many set up regular virtual check-ins both one-on-one and with small groups of students; others continued remote tutoring sessions, provided tangible learning materials for pick up, and connected students and families with online resources and instructional support. 

Dedicated staff members at schools and community-based organizations continue to connect with students and families, leaning on established relationships to support their needs and keep them motivated. This includes helping students and families access meals and community resources to ensure basic needs are met and students are connected to available programs and human services, as well as distributing technology and supporting them in navigating new online learning platforms so they can continue academic coursework. School Based Health Centers also adapted many of their services to provide telehealth options and continue medical and mental healthcare. Some also redirected their efforts to the collective COVID response effort.    

Q: Will students still be able to participate in the Seattle Promise?
A: Yes! Applications for the 2020 Seattle Promise cohort were due in February. Over 1,700 Seniors signed up and will be able to participate remotely in Spring and Summer programming. For more information please visit the Seattle Promise website