School-Based Health Centers

Middle School and High School Investments

School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) are available at most Seattle public middle and high schools. They are operated by community health agencies and are typically staffed with coordinators, nurse practitioners, and mental health counselors. To the extent possible, staff at the centers reflect the diverse ethnic, language, and cultural backgrounds of the students and families served. Interpretation and translation materials are provided as needed, including language support for non-English-speaking families so they can access health services without asking their children to interpret. SBHCs provide:

  • Sports physicals
  • Preventative health care
  • Evaluation and treatment of common health problems
  • Immunizations
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Counseling for depression, trauma, stress, and problem-solving
Group Health Cooperative Aki Kurose Middle School
Franklin High School
Interagency Academy
Nathan Hale High School
Washington Middle School
International Community Health Services Seattle World School/NOVA High School
Neighborcare Health Denny International Middle School
Madison Middle School
Mercer Middle School
Chief Sealth High School
Roosevelt High School
West Seattle High School
Odessa Brown Children's Clinic,
a clinic of Seattle Children's Hospital
Garfield High School
Public Health - Seattle & King County Cleveland High School
Ingraham High School
Rainier Beach High School
Swedish Medical Center Ballard High School

Elementary School Investments

Elementary age students enrolled in 8 elementary / K-8 schools can receive the following Levy-funded health care services during regular school hours as well as some before- or after-school hours:

  • Well child care
  • Assessment, diagnosis, treatment and referral for primary and acute health conditions
  • Support for chronic health and mental health conditions
  • Immunizations
  • Mental health screening, care, case management, and/or referral
  • Health education and promotion
  • Assistance filling out applications for student/family enrollment in publicly-sponsored health insurance programs
  • Oral health care (on-site or at a linked location)
  • Links to vision care and eyeglasses

The services are available to all students in the schools, but the focus is on students identified as at risk for academic challenges:

  • Not ready for kindergarten, as measured by the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS)
  • Failure to meet grade-level standards on state assessments
  • Failure to meet typical growth on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
  • Failure to make gains on the state English language proficiency test
  • Scoring at a Level 1 or 2 on state English proficiency tests (WELPA)
  • Poor attendance (5 or more days per semester, excused or unexcused)
  • School entry after the beginning of the year
Neighborcare Health Bailey Gatzert Elementary School
Dearborn Park Elementary School
Highland Park Elementary School
Roxhill Elementary School
Van Asselt Elementary School
West Seattle Elementary
Odessa Brown Children's Clinic,
a clinic of Seattle Children's Hospital
Beacon Hill International School
Madrona K-8 School