Environmental Programs

Conservation and Clean-up

Seattle Climate Partnership

The Seattle Climate Partnership is a voluntary pact among Seattle-area employers to take action to reduce their own emissions, and to work together to meet or beat the global warming pollution reduction target of the Kyoto Protocol. In joining the Seattle Climate Partnership, Seattle-area employers are committing to take actions that will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time cutting costs, improving the work environment for their employees, and improving their record of corporate responsibility.

Resource Venture

The City of Seattle’s Resource Venture program provides outreach, education, and technical assistance to businesses to help those businesses conserve resources, reduce or prevent pollution, and become more sustainable. The program is a service of Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and supports SPU’s solid waste, water, and stormwater programs, providing both general outreach services to all Seattle businesses and customized assistance to large, targeted businesses to achieve resource conservation savings and eliminate waste. Services are offered in five program areas: 1) recycling 2) waste prevention 3) water conservation 4) stormwater pollution prevention and 5) green building.

Environmental Coalition of South Seattle

The Office of Economic Development supports the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle in providing technical assistance to businesses on conservation, pollution prevention and cleanup of contaminated land.

Sustainable Building Resources

Office of Sustainability and Environment

Seattle's Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) supports resources that encourage sustainable building in the private sector.

For additional information, contact:
Stephanie Gowing, Green Business Development