Business Improvement Areas

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BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT AREAS (BIAs) are funding mechanisms for business district revitalization and management. They are assessments on businesses and/or properties within defined boundaries. The funds collected are used to provide services for the mutual benefit of the businesses and properties being assessed.

The Seattle BIAs are:

The BIA Handbook - A reference for current and potential BIAs

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For questions about your BIA assessments, please contact the BIA Administrator at, 206-684-5221 or 206-233-7172.

Top Reasons to Create a BIA

  • BIAs are conceived, designed, and managed locally by those who are paying the assessments.
  • Everyone in the district is required to pay their fair share. In other words, business and/or property owners pool their money to do things they want to do and that are best done collectively.

neighborhood photoBIAs use their funds for the following kinds of services:

  • Parking
  • Joint marketing
  • Cleanup and maintenance
  • Security
  • Special events
  • Beautification
  • Professional management

Each BIA is governed by a ratepayer's advisory board. The City collects the assessments and reimburses BIA expenses.

Help for forming a Business Improvement Area (BIA). Business districts interested in learning about creating a BIA or revising an existing BIA, can apply through OED's annual Only in Seattle Initiative Request for Applications (RFA) process to work with experienced city staff and consultants.

City-wide BIA Policies. The Citywide BIA Policies provide guidance for the City and for BIA proponents. The purpose of these BIA policies is to provide consistency, equity, and predictability in submission or consideration of proposals to establish, expand or disestablish a BIA.

Links to the Ordinances for Each BIA:

Pioneer Square
Amendment (12-16-13)
Establishing BIA (10-1-13)

Establishing BIA (10-8-13)

Tourism Improvement Area
Establishing BIA (09-30-11)

Metropolitan Improvement Area
Amendment (07-31-13)
Establishing BIA (05-14-13)

Amendment to Increase Rates *Previous amendments to increase rates also occurred in Ordinances 120614, 120404, 120036
Establishing BIA (6-9-1994)

West Seattle Junction
Amendment to Increase Rates
Amendment to increase rates and change boundaries
Previous amendments to increase rates: Ordinances 119539, 120570, and 121758
Establishing BIA (3-5-1987)

Establishing BIA (5-1-2015)
Rate changes (10-2-12)

Capitol Hill
Modifying boundary (7-2-2014) *Previous amendments to increase rates: Ordinances 120303, 113029 and 115998 
Establishing BIA (9-11-86)

Columbia City
Establishing BIA (1-26-09)

Establishing BIA (10-07-2016)