South Park Action Agenda

The South Park Action Agenda is a community-driven partnership with the city of Seattle, which targets 162 different recommendations across five topic areas to improve the South Park community including:

  • Environmental and Physical Improvements
  • Business and Transportation
  • Community Engagement
  • Youth Development
  • Public Safety

In 2013, The Office of Economic Development (OED) is working with South Park Merchants and Retail Association to develop and sustain a vibrant neighborhood business district.  This includes creative ways to market and beautify South Park, and has worked with our partners to provide one-on-one business assistance for the businesses in the 14th Ave South business corridor.

For more information on the history, goals, and priorities of the South Park Action Agenda, please visit All About South Park.

For specific business profiles visit Catch the Culture.

For additional information, contact:
Heidi Hall, Business Districts Advocate
(206) 733-9967