Pioneer Square Commercial District Revitalization

The Pioneer Square Commercial District Revitalization Project is an initiative to improve the overall business health of Pioneer Square.

The City of Seattle, Department of Planning and Development, and the Office of Economic Development are currently working with the Pioneer Square business community to identify how the city can reestablish the neighborhood's competiveness and strengthen the health of its businesses.


In 2009 and 2010, the Pioneer Square Revitalization Committee - a coalition of City of Seattle employees, members of the Pioneer Square business community, and Pioneer Square residents - met to identify strategies to reestablish the neighborhood's competiveness and strengthen the health of its businesses.

In June 2010, the committee finalized "Pioneer Square 2015: A Strategy for Seattle's First Neighborhood," a report on community and city strategies for bolstering the neighborhood's economic health. These priorities include improving public safety experience and perception; supporting residential density and adaptive reuse of historic buildings; supporting infrastructure for economic growth; and building organizational capacity around business advocacy.

Below are the links to the original report of 2010, and subsequent updates in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Pioneer Square Totem Pole

Steering Committee 
Meeting Agendas and Notes

Meeting #1 Agenda - November 13, 2009
Meeting #1 Notes

Meetings #2/#3 Agenda - December 14/16, 2009
Meeting #2 Notes
Meeting #3 Notes

Meeting #4 Agenda - February 2, 2010
Meeting #4 Notes

Meeting #5 Agenda - March 5, 2010
Meeting #5 Notes

Meeting #6 Notes - April 13, 2010

Meeting #7 Agenda - April 30, 2010
Meeting #7 Notes

Meeting #8 Agenda - May 13, 2010 

Background Documents

Donovan Rypkema, "Pioneer Square: Perceptions, Realities, Strategies" - Executive Summary andPresentation - December 2009

Pioneer Square Boundary Comparison Map - January 2010

Athletic Stadium 5 Year Impact Study - City of Seattle

Mobile Food Vending Project Summary (DPD)

PSCA Projects & Activities - 2010

Pioneer Square Trail to Treasure Newsletter - January 2010

Main Street + Pioneer Square Lecture - Lauren Adkins, Assistant Director for Field Services at the National Trust Main Street Center, talks about what Main Street as a model can do for Pioneer Square - April 15, 2010

News Archive

Seattle Channel - "City Inside / Out" - Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn wants to create an ambitious high speed broadband network that will reach all homes, saying it's for the city's future. But how will we pay the $800 million price tag? And who should build it?

TechFlash - "Seattle to aid Pioneer Square high-speed broadband service" - The city of Seattle is contributing to high-speed broadband service in a part of Pioneer Square by installing conduit through which Internet providers can run fiber-optic cable.

Seattle Magazine - "Feature: Urban Pioneer" - Annie Strain is hard to miss as she strides through a wintry Pioneer Square day in a puffy chartreuse coat, a vivid spray of freckles across her fair skin. With an infectious laugh she delights in pointing out her favorite places to eat-the city's best falafel restaurant is in the neighborhood.

New Pioneer Square Blog - "What will the Office of Economic Development do for Pioneer Square?" - Examines how OED and the City of Seattle are directly facilitating Pioneer Square revitalization

New Pioneer Square Blog - "Pioneer Square Revitalization Committee, Part I" - Business expert Donovan Rypkema presents on Pioneer Square for the Revitalization Committee (click to view Part IIPart III, and Part IV of Rypkema's presentation)

Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce - "Developer says north lot project ready, but capital markets aren't" by Jon Silver

KCTS 9 - OED senior policy advisor Nancy Yamamoto discusses Pioneer Square real estate on "About the Money"

Crosscut - "Seven steps for 'saving' Pioneer Square," by Knute Berger

Seattle P-I - "Can Pioneer Square be saved?" by Chris Grygiel 

Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce - "Can Pioneer Square fill the Elliott Bay Book void?" by Claire Enlow

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Questions or Feedback?

Please direct feedback on the Pioneer Square Revitalization Initiative to Frequently asked questions and topics will be reposted on this website with responses from Office of Economic Development staff.