Marketside Flats Skybridge

Review Status

On January 3, 2019, we reviewed the merit of and public benefit package for the Marketside Flats Skybridge.  At this meeting we approved the merit and public benefit package for the Marketside Flats Skybridge with one condition and several recommendations.  We will review the project again during a subcommittee. 

Project Description

The applicant is requesting approval to retain an existing skybridge connecting the Union St streetend with a private residential development located along Western Ave. The skybridge is located above Post Alley and has existed since the original construction of the adjacent building in the early 1900's.  Due to the grade change between upper Union St and Western Ave, the skybridge provides direct access point to downtown for residents.  The project proposal includes no significant changes to the existing skybridge and provides a public benefit package that includes additional wayfinding, lighting, and street improvements.

January 3, 2019