Internal Program Reports

Democracy Voucher Program Biennial Report

The Democracy Voucher Program's biennial report includes a summary of the administrative processes and program results from the first-year's implementation of the Democracy Voucher Program (DVP).

In 2017, the races eligible for DVP funding included the two at-large city council positions and the city attorney's position.

Key Accomplishments in 2017

  • Launched the program in under 10 months.
  • Provided all key program communications in 15 languages.
  • Attracted five of the six general election candidates to participate in the program.
  • Successfully tracked and processed 80,000 vouchers while fully accounting for $1.04 million in campaign distributions.
  • Increased the number of Seattle contributors by 300%.

Download the complete Democracy Voucher Program Biennial Report.

Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission Report

The SEEC publishes a report after each municipal election cycle summarizing the contributions raised to promote or oppose candidates and ballot issues.

Read the 2017 report from the elections reports archives.