Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to provide input to SEEC staff on program implementation, communications, outreach, and program evaluation.

The Advisory Committee is responsible for:

  • Advising SEEC staff on program and policy design to ensure the program complies with applicable policies and meets the intent of the initiative;
  • Providing recommendations for program implementation alignment with participation and access for diverse community groups;
  • Advising and informing program outreach and communication;
  • Planning for and advising on program evaluation;
  • Participating in design and user acceptance testing;
  • Attending meetings regularly; and
  • Representing a variety of local community organizations.

Member organizations have included:

Asian Counseling and Referral Service - Joseph Lachman, Jocelyn Lui, Monica Ng

Chief Seattle Club - Deanna James-Lopez

King County Elections - Jerelyn Hampton

Latino Community Fund - Felipe Rodriguez-Flores

LGBTQ Allyship - Debbie Carlsen

League of Women Voters - Allison Feher

Municipal League of King County - Peter Aberg

The Seattle Public Library - EJ Juarez, Rick Sheridan, Chance Hunt

Sightline Institute - Alan Durning, Margaret Morales

Washington CAN! - Mary Le Nguyen

Washington Democracy Hub - Liz Dupee

Washington State Public Disclosure Commission - Evelyn Fielding Lopez

Win/Win Network - Cara Bilodeau