Request a Meeting in District 7

In an effort to make city hall more accessible, I'm meeting with constituents around District 7. You can request a meeting with me during my monthly recurring in-district office hours using the links or map below.

- Councilmember Andrew Lewis

Find an Upcoming Meeting Near You

Neighborhood Request a Meeting
Belltown Request a Meeting in Belltown
Uptown Request a Meeting in Uptown
Queen Anne Request a Meeting in Queen Anne
South Lake Union Request a Meeting in South Lake Union
Magnolia Request a Meeting in Magnolia
Downtown Request a Meeting Downtown

Councilmember Lewis is available during morning or evening hours in each neighborhood, depending on the month. If you cannot find an available appointment in your neighborhood that fits your schedule and prior commitments, you are welcome to book a time in a different neighborhood or send a request to to find a time with the Councilmember outside official office hours.

Want to discuss District 7 issues, but don't live in the district? Not a problem. Councilmember Lewis is happy to discuss District 7 with constituents and non-constituents alike.

Attending Regular Community Meetings

In addition to in-district office hours, my office will attend the following Community Council meetings each month:

Organization Frequency Time Location
West Edge Neighborhood Association 1st Wed every month 6:00-7:00p 1400 Western Ave
Belltown Community Council 2nd Wed every month 6:00-8:00p 2400 3rd Ave
Southlake Union Community Council 1st Tue every month 5:00-6:30p Alternates each month
Cascade Neighborhood Council 3rd Wed every month 6:00-7:00p 1320 East Mercer St
Uptown Alliance 2nd Tue every month 7:00-9:00p alternates each mo.
Queen Anne Community Council 1st Wed every month 7:30-9:30p 100 Crockett St
Magnolia Community Council 3rd Tue every month 7:00-9:00p 3555 W McGraw

If there are other regular meetings you'd like my office to attend, please email your suggestion to my staffer Parker Dawson.