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Welcome! It’s an honor and a privilege to serve as your Seattle City Council President as well as your citywide Councilmember in Position 9. I’m proud that in 2015, the voters of Seattle elected me to be the first Latinx ever elected to Seattle City Council . I am proud to be a first generation American and the daughter of migrant farmworkers.  Like so many in my community, I began at a young age working in the orchards of Central Washington.

Today, as one of your two city-wide representatives, I intend to uphold the progressive values I have spent my career fighting for and to be a voice for Seattle residents, immigrants, families and workers from all walks of life.As a former civil rights attorney and community advocate, I have fought against special interests for the fair treatment of women, the elderly, working families and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. Service has been a value that has guided my work and community involvement; through my service on community boards and non-profits around our region and nation, I have spent my life preparing to tackle the challenges facing our City today.

Since my first day on the City Council, I have relied on collaboration, data, research, expert opinion, and lived experiences to inform my legislative and budgetary agenda. Above all, I work to ensure that Seattle is a city that is just, equitable, and resilient. Since joining City Council in November 2015, I am proud to have championed landmark legislation and investments, including banning conversion therapy on minors; renewal of the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy; the 2017 Police Accountability Ordinance; Secure Scheduling (which other cities have replicated and call a Fair Work Week); sexual abuse and workload protections for Seattle’s hotel workers; the Legal Defense Network to help protect immigrants from former President Trump’s Administration deportation policies; progressive taxes on corporations to fund housing and human services; and campaign finance reform, to name a few.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, my team and I got to work to strengthen tenant and worker protections, protect small businesses trying to survive, fund essential worker childcare, and create relief funds for hospitality industry workers, immigrants, small businesses and more.

As we grow into a 21st century city – and develop plans to recover from the social, public health, and economic impacts of COVID-19 - we must work together to undo the legacy of institutionalized racism and close the opportunity and wealth gaps to ensure Seattle is truly inclusive, diverse, and welcoming. I believe this recovery is a critical opportunity to rebuild a stronger Seattle that does better because we care for one another.

From housing affordability, to childcare access, to transit, to public safety, we need leaders willing to work tirelessly to find equitable solutions for our complex challenges. In my career spanning over a decade as a trial lawyer, police-reform advocate and former mayoral adviser, I have honed my core values of hard work and justice. I won’t back away from tough issues or seeking community-based solutions that build a stronger Seattle for shared prosperity.

I hope you’ll stay in touch. Please contact me online, by phone, via email, or follow my work via social media and my bi-weekly newsletter.

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Council President Lorena González
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