Rules: All-Gender Restroom Ordinance

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights has finalized Administrative Rules for the City of Seattle’s All-Gender Restroom Ordinance (SMC 14.07).

Rules: All-Gender Restroom Ordinance

SHRR 100-010. Proof of Compliance

  1. Proof of compliance includes, but is not limited to, a physical or digital photograph of the restroom signage of all covered restrooms in respondent’s facility or evidence that the restroom is not covered by the ordinance.
  2. Signage should clearly indicate that the restroom is open to all genders, including but not limited to: All-Gender Restroom, Gender-Neutral Restroom, Unisex Restroom, Toilet, WC;
  3. Photographic evidence must clearly depict that non-compliant signs have been permanently removed and appropriate signage has been affixed conspicuously; and
  4. In all cases, proof of compliance must be accompanied by a sworn declaration that the respondent has removed non-compliant signage and posted appropriate signage on all restrooms covered by the ordinance. The declaration shall also include the effective date of posting and a description of the specific signage used.

SHRR 100-020. Enforcement of requirement to display appropriate signage

  1. Any individual who observes a potential violation of the requirement to post appropriate signage under SMC 14.07 may report the violation to the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR). The report may be done in writing, by telephone, or any other method made available by SOCR. The report must include the date the violation was observed, the location of the violation, the entity responsible for the violation, and, when possible, a photograph of the restroom signage that violates the code.
  2. SOCR may investigate any reports of alleged violations of SMC 14.07, including confirming the display of appropriate signage.
  3. SOCR may also conduct restroom signage audits as part of the enforcement of SMC 14.07. Those audits may include confirmation of the existence of appropriate signage or confirmation that the restroom or entity is not covered by SMC 14.07.

SHRR 100-030. Effect of failure to display appropriate signage

  1. Upon determination of noncompliance, SOCR will issue the respondent an advisory letter notifies the respondent of the alleged violation, and advises the respondent of the opportunity for voluntary compliance by replacing existing restroom signage with appropriate signage within 30 days of the date of the advisory letter. Failure to comply will result in a notice of violation and civil penalty of $125. If the respondent does not submit proof of compliance within 15 days of the first notice of violation, SOCR will issue a subsequent violation and a civil penalty of $300.
  2. If the respondent remains out of compliance or comes out of compliance, SOCR may issue subsequent violations and civil penalties of $300.

Last updated: 02/10/2016

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