Legislation and Meeting Records FAQ

Q. Is legislation (Council Bills, Ordinances, Resolutions etc.) available online?
A. City of Seattle legislation can be found in one or both of these online tools:

Legislative Information Center: Items currently in the legislative process and all items introduced to Council since February 9, 2015

Online Information Resources: All items approved, rejected, or retired by the City Council from the 19th Century to present

If you're not sure which phase of the legislative process the item is in, contact us at 206‑684‑8344 or cityclerk@seattle.gov and we'll be happy to help you find it.
Q. Why do the same items sometimes appear in both the Legislative Information Center and Online Information Resources?
A. The Legislative Information Center was launched in 2015 to help City staff track legislation, and to give the public better access to upcoming legislation and meetings.

Online Information Resources has all items that have been acted on by Council, and is useful for those who want to explore legislative history, or to see how an issue or program or law has developed over time.

Records in Online Information Resources will refer you to the Legislative Information Center if the item originated there.
Q. If there are differences between the two records, which one should I refer to?
A. For those items that exist in two places, we're doing our best to make sure that all the information is comprehensive and correct in both locations. However, if in doubt, for items introduced February 9, 2015, or later, the Legislative Information Center is the best source of information.
Q. Where can I get a signed copy of an Ordinance or Resolution?
A. Scanned copies of signed legislation from February 2015 forward are posted in both online records.

Scans of earlier signed legislation are posted in the Online Information Resources or can be scanned on request.
Q. What kind of records of Council and Committee meetings does the City Clerk's Office keep?
A. Agendas announce what items will be discussed and/or acted on at each meeting, and provide access to any supporting documentation.

Minutes of Council meetings (also known as the Journal of Proceedings) describe the actions taken by the full Council at their regular meetings.

Audio recordings of every Council and Committee meeting are made by the Legislative Department.
Q. Is there video too?
A. Council and Committee meetings are broadcast live by the Seattle Channel on cable and online. Recent meetings can be streamed or downloaded from Seattle Channel's website.
Q. Where can I find all these things?
A. Legislative Information Center: Agendas and Minutes from February 9, 2015 to present

Online Information Resources: older legislation, agendas for meetings from 2002 to current, minutes from 2002 to January 2015

City Clerk's Office: Agendas and Council Minutes prior to 2002 on microfiche or paper (depending on the date)

Seattle Municipal Archives: Audio recording information on their website, Digital copies can be requested from them or from the City Clerk's Office

Note that different recording media have been used over time, so be aware that older recordings may need to be digitized before we can fill your request.
Q. I'm interested in what the Council and its Committees are doing - can I get information sent to me?
A. You can subscribe to agendas, Introduction and Referral Calendars, Minutes, and Full Council Action Summaries.

You can also set up an alert in the Legislative Information Center to receive information about Council activity at different points in the legislative and agenda process.
Q. Are there other ways to be alerted to new legislative developments or Council actions?
A. Yes, the Legislative Information Center allows users to set up personalized keyword-based notifications.
Q. I still can't find what I'm looking for. Can you help?
A. Absolutely! Feel free to contact us at any time at 206‑684‑8344 or cityclerk@seattle.gov. You can also come visit us for in-person research assistance; our research room (where you can also use our microfiche and paper documents) is on the 3rd floor of City Hall and is open 8 a.m. to 4:45 p. m. Monday-Friday (except on City holidays).

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The Office of the City Clerk maintains the City's official records, provides support for the City Council, and manages the City's historical records through the Seattle Municipal Archives. The Clerk's Office provides information services to the public and to City staff.