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Marijuana--What Now? (December 2012)

Initiative 502 became Washington state law on Dec. 6, 2012, ushering in a sea of changes made and yet to be made on the marijuana front. Click on the links below for information from a variety of sources, including City Attorney Pete Holmes, a major sponsor of the initiative who stopped prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana possession at the beginning of his term in January 2010.

SPD Monitoring Begins (November 2012)

A monitor for the Seattle Police Department, who answers to U.S. District Judge James Robart, has assembled his team and begun work. Merrick Bobb of Los Angeles is assisted by deputy monitor Peter Ehrlichman of Seattle and a team.

City and DOJ reach agreement on SPD (July 2012)

"We should feel good about reaching this historic agreement, but our work is far from finished," City Attorney Pete Holmes said Friday at the press conference detailing the fruition of six months of negotiations between the City and the Department of Justice over SPD operations.

"Next on our agenda is the selection of an experienced monitor to work with the City and the Community Police Commission, DOJ, and the Court. And we have years of implementation work ahead of us - it is critical that we get this right. I hope that every resident of this City, and every Seattle police officer, will help us implement this agreement fully and faithfully so that we can make our police department better and our city safer."

Preventing Gun Violence (June 2012)

In the aftermath of the rash of fatal shootings in May in Seattle, the City Attorney's Office is researching ways to better protect residents, including legislation to permit the City to ban guns from parks and community centers where children are likely to be present. Seattle's attempt at such a gun ban was struck down by the courts, owing to the preemption law.

Below is information about firearms laws and violence prevention resources at the city, state and national levels:

Information on concealed weapons permits:

Alternatives to Violence Project:

More Resources:

Sonics Litigation 2008

City's settlement of Sonics litigation in 2008

In 2008 the City of Seattle sued the Professional Basketball Club over owner Clay Bennett moving the Sonics to Oklahoma City. Section 6 of the settlement agreement deals with the Sonics' name, history, colors, intellectual property rights.

Medical Marijuana

The City of Seattle believes that the medical use of cannabis should be conducted in a safe and fair manner for the health, safety and welfare of the community.

City Attorney Peter Holmes and City Councilmembers acknowledge the federal prohibition of marijuana, but plan to respond to the changes in state law in a responsible manner to minimize impacts to patients, providers, and the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Seattle Medical Marijuana Ordinance