Parks Research Example

Letter from the Olmsted Brothers regarding Volunteer Park
Don Sherwood Parks History Collection (Series 5801-01)

Olmsted Letter

23rd September, 1904

Mr. C. W. Saunders, President
Board of Park Commissioners, Seattle, Wash.

Dear Sir:

Since writing you requesting that the original tracing of the topographical map of Volunteer Park be sent us it has arrived. As well as we can judge by a cursory examination, the map appears to be sufficiently full and complete for our present purposes. When we come to grading plans we may have to ask for a little information, especially with regard to the changes of grade which have been made in the adjoining borders of Lakeview Cemetery.

We earnestly hope that the Commission will add to the park the land lying between it and Federal Avenue, and in this case we shall of course need to have the map extended to the centre of Federal Avenue. Another addition will doubtless have to be made at the southwest corner of the park in case East Prospect Street is extended to Federal Avenue, as it seems to be obvious that is should be.

Very truly yours,
Olmsted Brothers