North Transfer Station Project - WMBE Inclusion Information

Lydig Construction Inc. is the General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) for the Seattle Public Utilities North Transfer Station Rebuild Project.

General Project Scope

The North Transfer Station project site, located at 1350 North 34th St., Seattle, WA 98103, is approximately 5.8 acres. The project consists of demolition of the existing structures and construction of a new solid waste transfer and recycling building, office spaces, employee facilities, scale house control and security systems. The new facility will include odor control systems, process instrumentation and new equipment for a modern facility to collect solid waste and recycle materials. The site includes open space landscaped areas available to the community. The project has many features aimed at achieving LEED Gold such as PV panels on the roof, skylights for daylighting and green roofs. Estimated cost for construction is $59 million. Additional project information can be found on the Seattle Public Utilities website.

Bid Information

Lydig has awarded subcontracts, which were competitively bid with public bid openings in accordance with RCW 39.10.380, for various portions of the work. See Bid Packages Awarded.

Anyone interested in bidding these packages as a full scope or subtier contractor is strongly encouraged to check current postings for bid packages on Lydig's website or the City of Seattle Ebid site (search for packages listed as Lydig Self Perform). Lydig will be taking subcontractor bids for these packages but all inclusive bids must be submitted to the City of Seattle.

All bids must meet the Inclusion Plan requirements and any questions on the Inclusion Plan may be directed to Dee Riley 425-885-3314,

Phase  Total WMBE Goal  WBE Sub-goal  MBE Sub-goal
Construction Services  25 percent  10 percent  15 percent

City WMBE Outreach Contact Information

Miguel Beltran, City Contract Compliance Manager
Phone: 206-684-4525

Lydig Project Team