Lost Pet Resources

To find a lost pet, first check the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Get the Word Out


Post signs in your neighborhood that are large and eye-catching. Be sure to post a picture of your animal on the sign and write your contact information in large print. By offering a reward for your animal, you increase the chances of finding him. More information at the Missing Pet Partnership website.


Place a lost pet listing with all shelters in your area. Go to the shelters to actually look at the animals. Click for hours and location of the Seattle Animal Shelter and information on other shelters.


Lost and found pets are often listed on websites. Visit Craigslist, the SAS public Lost and Found Pet Database, the list of found pets at the Seattle Animal Shelter and other lost pet websites to list your pet or see if someone has found him. Also, let your friends and family know your pet is lost using email and social networks.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Ask your neighbors if they have seen your pet, even for a second. You should also ask them to keep an eye out and check basements, garages and sheds. Children in the neighborhood are much more likely to notice an animal, so be sure to ask them too.

Try a Humane Trap

Occasionally, your pet may become so scared that it cannot be lured back into your home. In this situation, please call our staff at 206-386-7387 (PETS) to request information about humane trapping.

Don't Give Up

Sometimes it can take months to find a lost pet. Use all these methods every day, and don't give up.

Other Resources

Missing Pet Partnership - This non-profit organization has comprehensive information on finding lost pets and lost pet behavior. They also provide tracking services to help find a lost pet.

Humane Society of the United States - Article on finding a lost pet.

Petfinder - Lost and found resources for cats and dogs.