Complaints about weighing and measuring equipment

You can file a consumer complaint against a Seattle business if you overpaid for a product due to an inaccurate device, such as a scanner or scale.

Reasons vary for filing a weights and measures complaint. Some situations where you might file a complaint include:

  • the checkout price differs from the shelf price
  • a gallon of gas costs more than advertised
  • package net contents differ from what is printed on the label
  • a scale weighs items incorrectly

If you think you are overcharged, try to speak with the manager of the business first. Errors are often simply mistakes. Management is generally willing to correct those mistakes promptly. Otherwise file a complaint. And always ask the business for a receipt. For more information, see the weights and measures overview.

How to file a complaint

Fill out this form to file a complaint about the following device types: price scanners, gas pumps, scales and other measuring devices and heating oil delivery trucks.

You may also contact us directly by calling 206-386-1298.

Weights and measures consumer complaint form

Please provide the following information: