What We Do

2017 Work Plan

The Seattle Women's Commission has identified two primary policy areas of focus and two primary public awareness issues of focus for 2017

Primary policy focus:

  1. Universal paid family leave in Seattle
  2. Affordable child care in Seattle (2 year focus, 2017-18)

To accomplish this we will:

  • Conduct research on policy options
  •  Work collaboratively with community members, city council members, members of other SOCR commissions, and other partners to determine goals and strategy
  • Pursue communications strategies (both traditional media and social media) to raise publi awareness of the issue and organize advocacy efforts
  •  Advocate to policy makers through comment letters, in-person testimony, and other avenues
  • Continuously work toward racial equity and shifting gender norms in all we do.

In addition to the main policy and awareness concentrations, the Seattle Women's Commission will continue to be responsive to issues identified by the community in the areas of Community Health and Wellness, Economic and Educational Opportunities, Equitable Development, and Violence Prevention and Justice. In particular, the commission will prioritize the following:

Community Health and Wellness

"to understand and address health disparities affecting women in Seattle"

1. Accessibility and effectiveness of our health care systems for women
2. Mental health services for women

Economic and Educational Opportunities

"to promote economic and educational equity for all women in Seattle."

1. Economic and educational opportunities for women and girls of color
2. Paid family leave (entire Commission)
3. Affordable child care (entire Commission)

Equitable Development

"to identify and address barriers to shelter and housing and to support safe, affordable housing and transit options for women and families in Seattle."

1. Increasing availability of affordable housing for women and families
2. Reducing/eliminating homelessness

Violence Prevention and Justice

 "to advocate for policies and programs that reduce violence against and ensure justice for women in Seattle."

1. Addressing issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, and violence against women
2. Police reform