What We Do

2015 Work Plan

Community Health and Wellness Committee

Our mission is to identify and address on-going issues in the Seattle community that relate to disparities in health with a holistic perspective. We believe that a healthy community needs strong health services and equitable access to those services.

Current Chair: Clarissa Brundage

Work Plan Items

  • Promote environmental justice by advocating for healthy, clean environments.
  • Reduce food insecurity by addressing barriers to affordable, nutritious food.
  • Ensure access to affordable health care, including comprehensive reproductive and mental health care.
  • Reduce maternal and infant mortality, especially among women of color.
  • Promote programs and policies that support women’s empowerment and increase self-esteem, especially among younger women and women of color.

Economic and Educational Opportunities Committee

Our mission is to promote economic and educational equity for all women in Seattle.

Current Chair: Morgan Beach

Work Plan Items

  • Ensure equitable access to economic and educational opportunities and advancement for women in Seattle.
  • Promote gender economic and pay equity in Seattle.
  • Support access to quality and affordable child care and early childhood education for all families who live or work in Seattle.

Equitable Development Committee

Our mission is to identify and address barriers to shelter, transitional and permanent housing and to support secure, affordable housing options for women and families in Seattle.

Current Chair: Alison Mondi

Work Plan Items

  • Support effective models for accessing safe, culturally competent shelter and housing for women, youth and families in Seattle.
  • Ensure access to affordable, safe and clean housing for all women and families in Seattle.
  • Promote equitable development policies that support thriving communities and families in Seattle.
  • Promote the enhancement of an equitable, comprehensive transportation infrastructure to meet the needs of all Seattle families.

Violence Prevention and Justice Committee

Our mission is to create strong community partnerships and advocate for policies and programs that reduce violence against women and girls in Seattle.

Current Chair: Jaron Goddard

Work Plan Items

  • Reduce violence against women.
  • Increase access to and knowledge of resources for survivors of violence.
  • Support equal and fair application of the law.
  • Increase preventative education for youth.
  • Create strong community partnerships through quarterly listening sessions with: formerly incarcerated women, sex workers, victims and perpetrators of DV/SA/GBV.

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